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“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh…”

Christmas is always that time of the year when friends and families get together to commemorate the birth of our dear savior. It is also the most fun-filled, boozed-up, and stressful season too.

The season comes with the magical torrents that can easily blow you off your keep-fit track without you realizing it. So, whether you’re heading back home to visit family, having an excellent time with your partner, hitting the town with your friends, or just enjoying the season by yourself, you might want to keep reading to find how to stay fit while enjoying all the fun this season.

Welcome to the way, the fun, and the fit

1. Take a walk

Going for walks is an exceptionally great way of staying fit this season. Whether you hit the gym or not, walking around or even jogging is very good for you.

So, instead of just sitting and chatting with your friends or family, why don’t you invite them to take a walk with you. Engage in interesting conversations so that you won’t feel the pain of walking. You can also choose a nice location for a walk with your partner or just by yourself.

To ensure that you don’t feel bored and tired walking by yourself, play some music, or listen to a fun-filled podcast.

2. Dance party

When was the last time you danced your heart out? Have you ever danced like you’ve got no worries this year? Well, the time to do that is now. You don’t always have to be at a party or club to dance. Create that atmosphere in your room. Loosen up, put your fav playlist on repeat, increase the volume (but don’t disturb your neighbours), and dance throughout the day if you can. Dance when you are bathing, cooking, cleaning, eating, etc. do not play slow, boring songs lest they cast a sleeping spell on you.

You can also rock your body the healthy way by signing up for our amazing dance sessions led by professional dance coaches. These are our sessions:

    • Yoga- Sundays (5:30pm- 6:30pm) and Mondays (7pm-8pm)
    • Afro Contemporary- Tuesdays (6:30pm-7:30pm)
    • Samba- Wednesdays (6:30pm-8:00pm)
    • Dance on heels- Thursdays (6:30 pm-8:00 pm)
    • Afro Dance- Fridays (6:30pm-8:00pm)
    • Kidi Dance- Saturdays (10am-12:00pm)

Pick your weekly planner and sign up for the sessions that best fit your schedule this Christmas. Let’s get on the dance floor.

3. Activate date nights

Hanging out with your lover this Christmas shouldn’t be the usual “Netflix ‘n’ Chill,” “Cinema or movie night,” “Game Night,” etc. Spice things up with a sprinkle of fitness. You can go for long exciting walks (Aburi gardens is a wonderful location for this), swimming, or even hiking at some of the finest parks like Kakum National Park.

Love Nugget: To the singles who are looking forward to proposing this festive season, it’s best to ensure that your partner is as fit as a fiddle before you propose. Being fit helps your brain in making good decisions (like accepting a proposal).


4. Clean, clean, clean, and clean!

Are you aware that getting your home spotless can be a great way of keeping you fit? Well, you do now. You don’t need special attire, plan, or coach for this. Once you realize that your home is getting a bit messy, grab that brush or broom, fill your room, put some energizing tunes on repeat, and get cleaning!

Involve your partner or your children if they are available. Shake your body, burn some calories, and enjoy yourself while cleaning.

5. Play some childhood games

Do you remember ampe, small poles, tug of war, lime and spoon? What of chaskele? Oh, the good old days! Don’t just sit around doing now but video gaming or locked on to social media this Christmas. Go back to your childhood days and live in the moment.

Play any of your active childhood games with your friends, partner, or family. This will bring back beautiful memories, strengthen your relationship, create interesting conversations, and ultimately keep you fit.

6. Fidget

Yes! Fidget. Also known as “small micromovements,” fidgeting can account for almost 350 more calories burned. From standing more frequently to nodding your head, clapping, or even tapping your feet, you can be sure of losing some calories, which will do you a lot better than harm.

Be sure to tap, clap or nod to some good tune or even laugh at jokes when you go out during this festive season. It’s way better than sitting aloof or staying in bed.


7. It’s a foodie season; watch your diet

We all know Christmas is the time of the year where we all wish to have food and maybe booze in abundance—not forgetting the sweets and desserts packed with calories. Of course, December is the month with most cheat days, and that’s no sin.

What you will want to do is be very mindful of what you take. Don’t go building food castles on your plate and stuffing your mouth at parties or hangouts. Eat, but make sure you’re not overeating to the point where you become breathless and restless. Remember, food poisoning is also something to be mindful of in his season. It will be sad to end such a wonderful season in the hospital or bed-ridden.

Drink more water than booze. We are not saying don’t booze but do well to check what you drink. Avoid high-calorie beverages or take them considerably.

Don’t be shy to ask for plain or flavored water when others are boozing. And please, don’t get drunk; it’s not good for your health and safety.

Again, it will be sad to begin Christmas with a flat tummy or six-packs and end with a bulging one pack.


Let this festive season be a time of love, togetherness, and happiness for you while keeping your health and fitness at heart. Do not shy away from activities this Christmas; get involved, have fun, and stay fit. Always remember, “A stretch a day keeps the doctor away.” Tell us in the comments section how our Christmas fun-fit tricks are helping you. Do suggest other fun-fit tricks too.

Afehyia pa from Fitness 1 gym.

Merry Christmas!



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