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How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you step out in charisma? Is your head held high and chest out when you walk?

Stepping out in charisma and confidence doesn’t always come to people naturally. These constitute high self-esteem, and you will have to work on it and get yourself in tune. There are a lot of activities you can resort to in a bid to increase your self-esteem. In this article, we will school you on how your regular workout regime is a good option in elevating that needed confidence.

Self-esteem is you having confidence in your abilities and yourself. This is about how much you adore yourself (not necessarily being narcissistic) but appreciating your worth and giving no room to self-pity or self-hate.

Self-esteem is multidimensional, and it includes a universal judgment of yourself (that is, your physical, social, mental, and emotional state). Research has shown beyond doubt that exercise can considerably increase your self-esteem. From helping us shape our bodies the way we want them to the sense of achievement and vigor we get, exercising does a lot more to our inner self than we estimate.

This is what exercising does to your inner self and confidence.


Your mental health is super checked

Exercising on a regular keeps your mental health in check. It has been tested and concluded to alleviate depression and anxiety. Instead of being downcast and having your moods messed all around, exercise keeps you in high spirits and keeps your moods in the right place. Exercises like aerobics cause an increase in blood circulation to your brain and your psychological responsiveness to stress. This activity controls your motivation and moods.

Some 30 minutes of modest intense exercises like walking briskly for at least three days a week can suffice if you want to enjoy this benefit. Don’t worry if the 30-minute walk is too much for you; you can begin with a 10- minute brisk walk and gradually increase the duration. The 10-minute walk does work wonders like the 30-minute brisk walk.

Reduces stress

Stress is one thing that doesn’t help your confidence at all, and it is something that you will experience at a point in time (well, you might have already experienced it, or you are still going through it). Imagine walking into your office on a bright Monday with stress-induced acne all over your face, sweats, fatigue, hunger, and maybe a hangover. This is already a day spoiler. You’re stressed even before your day and week start. Whew! How then are you doing to face your boss, clients, and investors with the confidence needed to land you that contract or sales.

Before you think of taking a tranquilizer or gulping down some coffee, let’s get you started on some wholesome stress reliever: exercise. As you exercise, your brain releases some feel-good hormones called endorphins. Just like the name, these hormones make you feel good, happy, and active. Aerobic activities (best provided at Fitness 1 Gym) can contribute to the release of endorphins and reduce your stress massively. Exercise also protects your cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems.


best gym in accra

Sense of accomplishment

Here’s the royal diadem for all your push-ups, squats, jogs, walks, stretches, etc. After going through all these body movements, you see the outcome, and this gives you nothing but a genuine sense of accomplishment. Knowing that you have been able to push through a scheduled routine gives you that great feeling of a finisher. You get to feel good about yourself and pat yourself on your shoulder for a good job done. Just this can give you the confidence to face whatever the rest of the day is yet to bring our way.

Oh! It is a marvelous feeling to finish your 100 push-ups and get a thumbs up from your trainer. You can then walk shoulder high from the gym and read to face the world. What then can stop you? Nothing at all.


best gym in accra


Enhance your brain function

When exercising, irisin, a molecule, is released through a chain reaction in the brain. The experts allude that this irisin has neuroprotective properties, which activate genes involved in memory and learning.

Further studies have proven that exercise arouses BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic protein) in one of the only two areas of the brain of adults (hippocampus), which generates nerve cells. The BDNF improves the development of synapses and new nerves, which form the connections between nerves that give room for learning and memory and help preserve the existing brain cells.


Desired body sculpture

In some cases, low self-esteem is rooted in body shape perceptions. If you want your body to be shaped in a certain way, resort to regular exercising with good trainers, a gym, an app, or even fellow fitness comrades. While exercising, you’re at a greater chance of strengthening and toning your body.

Seeing the desired results will boost your confidence and make you feel much better about your look.

As a fitness centre, we are against all forms of body shaming. It shouldn’t be condoned anywhere. Be confident in your skin but if you are not so comfortable with it, exercise and get it the way you want it.


Boost your self-esteem with exercises at Fitness 1 Gym

You are always welcome to Fitness 1 Gym, located in one of Accra’s most serene and exercise-conducive parts. Our main mandate as your fitness centre is training with you, boosting your confidence, and enhancing your mental health.

For some years now, we have been keenly devoted to helping people like you attain your fitness goals and also get that maximum confidence, charisma, and envious aura.

Don’t forget to be YOU, be YOUnique, and step out in confidence no matter what. You also deserve this feel-good factor, so why not train with us. The wait is over, contact us on +233 50 811 8888. We train children, too, so feel free to bring them along (boost their self-esteem now, and it shall never depart from them).

We can’t keep calm; all we need you to do is an exercise with us and FLY (First Love Yourself).




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