things to do after a gym workout

So you want to maintain a healthy and fit life, but you just have so much on your daily routine. It’s making it challenging to stay committed to your workout schedule. Balancing school, work, family together with a complete workout schedule can be difficult but not impossible. Workouts that cause great outputs do not necessarily require long gym hours, a dedicated 45 hours to 60 minutes, 3 times a week can be beneficial. Do you have no time for your workout schedule, or it’s simply not a priority now? Heard the saying “people make time for things they care about?” How much care have you attached to your fitness program? You will learn 10 amazing ways to help you make time for exercising, despite your busy schedule.


1.     Go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier.

Cut out two hours from your sleep time. Sleep and wake up earlier than you did previously. When you do this, you will get two extra hours to visit the gym early in the morning before work or school.

2.     Spend less time on social media

A careful reflection will amaze you at how much time you spend each day to engage with friends and family on the internet. Plan exactly what you will be doing on the internet before you open an app. Do you plan to make a Facebook post, open the Facebook app, create your post, engage for about 5 minutes, and go offline? If you begin scheduling your posts and holding yourself accountable to the time allocated for your daily social media engagements, you will get extra time to visit the gym.

3.     Mark your calendar

Write it on your to-do-list—Mark out your workout dates on your calendar. Get familiar with your fitness schedule. Don’t leave room for excuses. The benefits of staying committed to your workout schedule are numerous, and the best you can do is to take your schedule seriously. When you fail to show up on a scheduled date, do well to reschedule it with your fitness coach. Write out your fitness plan and follow through to make your plans materialize because, just as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

4.     Cut out your TV watching time

If you are not finding enough time to stay committed to your fitness program, it could also mean you have a few items on your list, which qualify to be your opportunity cost. Spending too much time watching television programs could be one habit you would have to forfeit. Take it off your daily routine and restrict the time you spend watching it. Pick some essential programs and avoid the programs that are not so important. If you diligently do this, you will have enough time to visit the gym in the evenings when you close to work or school.

things to do after a gym workout
Make your fitness calendar

5.     Have enough rest

Plan to have enough sleep and rest because your muscles need it to repair and rebuild. Your body will maximize the benefits of all the effort you invest in working out when you have enough rest. Insufficient sleep is associated with fatigue, depressed mood, forgetfulness, difficulty in learning new concepts, and even inability to concentrate in your fitness class. Have enough rest, be intentional about it.

6.     Get an accountability partner

Your accountability partner can help you follow through and keep your commitment to your fitness schedule. The relationship between you and your accountability partner should be a mutual agreement where you both agree to provide feedback to each other regularly. When you have someone to check on your progress, it becomes easier to make time to visit the gym because “Where there is no accountability, there will also be no responsibility,” says Sunday Adelaja. Remember that when you rely on someone or someone relies on you, it makes you more committed.

7.     Choose a gym closer to you

One reason why you might currently have no time to visit the gym could be because the gym you signed up with is so far from your workplace, school, or home. This means you spend so much time getting to the gym, and this is draining your time. When looking for a gym to sign up with, it is important to consider proximity to avoid such future excuses. You might have to reconsider and choose a gym closer so that you can get there without spending more than an hour to do so. You already have a lot on your to-do list, the best you can do is to avoid spending so much time before you get to your gym.

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Although a lot of people know the benefits of exercising, not all of them exercise or have a regular exercising routine they follow. When the going gets tough, a vast majority of workout beginners fall out and leave their fitness and health to chance. Follow these easy tricks to find enough motivation to exercise.

things to do after a gym workout
Find motivation to exercise.
  • Develop an internal locus of control

You are the chief driver of your life, how you drive it is the path it will take. When you feel you have no control of your life, you assume external forces cause everything that happens to you. This attitude of having no internal control will make you less happy, and You are in control of everything, you can change your habits and outcomes if you decide to.

  • Do something you enjoy

At the beginning of your fitness program, don’t choose a workout you have no interest in. You need to stay motivated to always show up at the gym, and if you do not find your workout interesting enough, you might have no motivation to stay keep going to the gym. If you want to take your fitness program seriously in the long term, don’t force yourself to engage in physical activities and exercises you do not enjoy.

  • Set relatively easy goals that boost your self-confidence

List more manageable goals that are achievable in the short term. When you achieve the first goal, your self-image will improve, you will begin to believe that you are capable. From there, you can set a relatively higher but still easy goal. The more you can smash those goals, the more it helps boost your confidence. It becomes easier to set higher goals as you keep exercising. Start easy, and stay motivated.

  • Talk fitness with your friends

The more you discuss the possibilities of your fitness program, the more convinced you will be. Engage in conversations about health and fitness and how you can achieve them. Make friends with people who are taking their health and fitness journey seriously. The conversations you have with these people will help you learn how they also make time to exercise despite their busy schedules.

  • Read health and fitness blogs

Subscribe to fitness blogs like ours to keep getting more information on the best fitness practices and how to remain consistent with your fitness program. The more you learn from such blogs, the more motivated and convinced you will be about the need to be healthy and fit.


  • You lack discipline

When you have a plan, you should remain committed until you see it materialize. Still, people who give up easily do not have the discipline to stick around and invest their time and effort until they begin to see the benefits. Such people expect quick results, and if these results are not visible in the shortest possible time, they give up.

  • You fear judgment

You will lose so many opportunities if you keep focusing your energy on what others will have to say about you. People will always have their opinions, but never allow those opinions to demotivate you. Don’t give too much power to others, make your decisions, and own them.

  • Fear of failure

Those who give up easily label themselves as failures. They never get over one wrong outcome. They keep whispering, “I’ve failed” to themselves, and this leaves them with no reason to keep working at their goals. To them, they are not good enough and have no capabilities of winning.

  • You get easily distracted by others

If you keep comparing your plans, achievements, and purposes with others, you can never do much for yourself. You will always want to please others or even be better than them because you are in an invisible competition with them. Avoid distractions, stay focused on your goals, and move to achieve them.

  • You don’t have enough confidence in your abilities

The more convinced you are about your abilities, the easier it becomes to keep showing up. If you believe you not capable, then you will give up so easily. Start believing in your abilities. Avoid demeaning conversations. Stop consuming information that magnifies your inabilities. Identify your strengths and maximize them because you are capable.

things to do after a gym workout
Be convinced about your abilities.

          In the end, a little bit of planning and focus does the trick. Living a healthy and fit life does not end at paying for your membership fee at your favorite gym, you have to be intentional about showing up for all your fitness classes despite your busy schedule. Start nurturing positive habits that can help you achieve your goals.

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