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Welcome fresh comrade!

We are glad you have taken this bold decision to start your fitness journey. We do not promise that the journey will be easy, but starting on the right foot is a sure way of making it a fun and bearable one. It is undoubtedly most dragging when you’re unsure what to do and the basic things you will need at the gym or even in your home.

Here at Fitness 1 Gym, we know how tense getting ready for the gym as a first-timer is. But hey, if your comrades have done it, then so can you! So, we have made a comprehensive list of all the basic things you need to have on your gym checklist to make your first few weeks as easy and fun as can be.


Workout wear

If you are not changing into your joggers before hitting the gym, then make it a habit of keeping a set of gym clothes always packed in your bag. Have these clothes freshly laundered and ironed? What comfort and confidence can be compared to working out in clothes that smell and feel fresh on your body? Plus, you do not want to add extra sweat to an already sweaty workout suit. That’s not health.

Do not also forget to add a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers. You will not be working out barefooted, so your footwear is also important. Your footwear shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You do not want to be too focused on your feet’ state rather than your whole body.



Water bottle

Do you want to get your morale high for the gym? Then get your water bottle. A branded one even adds an extra perk to your routine. Getting bottled water on your way to the gym might sound ok but think of the cost involved. And oh, don’t forget you might forget to buy that bottled water. To avoid all these, get your water bottle and fill it with your pure water from your home. So easy.

Working out without water by you is a threat to our life. Don’t harm yourself; get your water bottle. Quench your thirst, save yourself and save some money.



After your energetic workout, you may not have time to wash down right away at the gym. This is where you will need some wipes or tissues. Since you’ll never know who will cross your path on your way or who you’ll meet, invest in some simple body wipes.

They can make you fresh and smell good post-work. So, you won’t shy away from hugging people because you’ve had a sweaty workout.



An essential for a relaxing smooth gym experience is a reliable pair of headphones or AirPods. Energizing music with quality headphones can make a vast difference between an ok workout and a great workout.

Whichever kind of headphones you prefer (earbuds, AirPods, or the larger, over-the-ear kind of headphones), do well to throw your choice in your bag before you move out. You do know that your quality headphones do not produce music.

Never mind if you don’t know the best songs for your workout session. We’ve got you covered. Check out our mini pro-African list and add them to your playlist.

    • Thomas Pompoy3yaw- Pappy Kojo
    • Loading- Olamide
    • Cash App- Bella Shmurda
    • Vibration- Fireboy DML
    • Put You On- Chopstix 2
    • Plenty Pepper- Chop Daily




A sweet-scented deodorant is the salt of your gym sauce; you can’t do away with it. Swipe your underarms after washing down or wiping with your wet wipes. Just like your wipes, your gym deodorant will keep your underarms smelling fresh and dry so you won’t have to shy away from hugs. Make sure you always have your deodorant stacked in your bag.



Considering the era we are in, relying on gm towels isn’t the best thing to do. Make it a point of packing a clean, fresh towel from home for your post-workout cleaning. A lot of fitness and wellness companies and malls sell sizeable microfibre towels perfect for the gym. They are super affordable and can be neatly folded and tucked in your gym bag.

Just walk into any mall or fitness shop and select the towel of your choice, throw it into your bag and you’re good to hit the gym.


Protein-packed snack

According to Self, the best way to get our body healed and revved up after our workout session is to munch on some light, protein-packed snacks. Pop them into your bag with confidence, knowing that your body’s inner body will get its fair share of healing and post-workout care.

Lip balm

Chapped lips during and after a workout session never feel good. Much more look appealing. Workout comrades do suffer from dry, chapped lips frequently. To avoid this, hydrate your lips by applying a lip balm before moving out. Toss it into your bag for your post-workout clean-up since it isn’t something you can borrow from your fellow workout comrade or your locker room neighbor.

Remember, “corona” is real.

A pair of socks

Are you thinking of working out without socks? Doing your workouts without socks is just not pretty. It’s also uncomfortable and unsafe. Keep these well laundered and, if possibly ironed. Have an extra one in your bag just in case of any mishap.

Let’s have a quick list of every essential mentioned.

    • Workout wear
    • Water bottle
    • Wipes
    • Headphones
    • Deodorant
    • Towel
    • Protein-packed snack
    • Lip balm
    • A pair of socks

Do you still have some extra space? Then let’s add these few throw-ins

    • Knee and wrist wraps to protect your joints from any injury
    • Bathroom flips if you decide to wash down at the gym
    • Headbands or hair bands to keep your hair gathered and control if your hair can get in the way.
    • Bandages and some ointments/ heat spray for first aid purposes.
    • A wide-toothed comb and brushes to get your hair from entangling.

There you go, the flawlessly packed bag for your gym. Do you wish to tell us anything else you include in your gym bag? Could you share it with us in the comments section?




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