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Are you interested in a workout that combines intense cardio, kicking, punching, and self-defense techniques in a simulated environment without contact? Body combat is a high-intensity action-packed exercise that brings together all the activities mentioned above.


The full-body workout is inspired by a range of disciplines such as martial arts, karate, taekwondo, boxing, tai chi, and muay.


These disciplines are incorporated in body combat to give you the best cardio peak training through steady but highly intensive exercises.


Body combat is one of the best exercises for weight loss as you build cardio endurance and burn calories faster. During body combat, your heart rate moves to about 60-80% of its total capacity showing how demanding the exercise can be.


On average, you will burn around 570 calories during a body workout that lasts for 55 minutes. Aside from losing calories, body combat also helps you tone and shape your muscles, condition your core, and train your legs.


The benefits of body combat are endless, but here are five benefits of the workout.


Conditions the body with low-risk injury


It is essential to consider the aerobic intensity and the risks of sustaining injuries when choosing which type of workout to participate in.


Research shows that body combat provides better stamina training compared to more explosive workouts such as running.


Another benefit of body combat comes from its non-contact nature. Chances of injury are reduced drastically because the combat isn’t two-way.


Body combat is self-regulated and has a high appeal because people can control their personal needs. Additionally, the different forms of body combat allow the individual to evaluate options determining which exercises and speed they prefer entirely.


The workouts are usually conducted in timed intervals and at different speeds, allowing participants to maximize their heart and lung capacities.


Body combat keeps you extremely fit as it improves your heart, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure in the long run.


Develops your core and improves muscle tone


Body combat is very demanding and, as a result, builds a lot of strength and capacity. In addition, your core benefits immensely from body combat workouts. That’s why body combat is also referred to as “reactive core training.”


Reactive core training means using your natural reflexes to strengthen your core. For instance, when you kick, punch, or block, you activate the core muscles you often use.


Additionally, front kicks and alternating jabs require up to 1.6 times more core activation than regular crunches. A recent study at Penn State University also found core activation in a Body Combat class to be the equivalent of doing around 1700 crunches.


If you’re interested in developing your core, then body combat was made for you.


Body combat could be your secret and solution to achieving defined muscles and toned body shape.


The martial arts aspect of body combat, which includes jabbing, kicking, and blocking when combined and repeated at high intensity at a regulated pace, uses muscle groups that you never knew existed.


Body combat is a holistic workout that uses all parts of your body. The workout makes use of both your upper and lower limbs. As a result, you have a balanced effect with your muscles defining and toning evenly.


The combination of exercises in body combat in an intensive manner is a great way to tone your muscles.


Once you tone your muscles well, studies show that you decrease your probability of picking up Type II diabetes and help you protect your immune system. Other benefits of toning your muscles include decreasing the chances of getting various forms of cancer and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.



Teaches self-defense


Despite being a good form of workout, body combat also teaches a life lesson. The art of self-defense is a critical skill everyone needs to know or have an idea about.


Body combat relies on fighting techniques such as karate, tai chi, boxing, karate, and taekwondo.


Self-defense is usually overlooked as a benefit of Body Combat, but it’s important and worth touching on.


Everyone needs to have some fundamental knowledge of self-defense and how to protect their selves when in danger.


The point isn’t to have enough power over others but to know how to defend yourself should you be in trouble. In such instances, knowledge is more effective than power, as sometimes a subtle move is all you need to put whoever is attacking you to sleep.


Body Combat isn’t a self-defense class. However, the knowledge you pick up from the martial arts involved gives you a strong foundation that you can improve on. With such a foundation, learning more complex self-defense becomes easier.


Knowing a few tricks about punching and kicking effective or how to jab and dodge advances made by an attacker. The hope is that nobody encounters a dangerous situation, but knowledge gives you power, and a body combat class can be a great way to learn skills about protecting yourself.


It helps improve agility and reflex actions


The fast-paced environment of body combat ensures that the routines that you take part in making you change your body positions and postures in a short period.


Essentially, this trains the body’s reflex time as it adapts and recovers. Studies show that body combat drastically improves your agility, mental and physical reflex action.


The cardio aspect of Body Combat differs from person to person as the levels of agility and intensity needed varies.


The faster you execute your combinations, such as kicking and punching, the more agile and faster your reflex becomes.


Many body combat exercises require you to balance one leg while kicking or punching with another limb. This requires good balance, agility, and coordination, which will improve the more you take part in body combat classes.



Stress relief and building self-confidence


Violence or aggression should not be a mode to solve problems. However, sometimes you need an avenue to let your frustrations out. Body combat provides the environment for you to relieve stress, rant, or overcome the insecurities you have inside.


Research shows that an intense body combat class can be a therapeutic experience. This is because you get to channel your inner negative emotions through a fiercely energetic yet safe physical activity.


There is an improvement in how you feel after body combat as studies show that the negative feelings reduce as your self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted.


Additionally, according to research, your body releases natural endorphins during exercises as these hormones positively affect general mental health and make you feel better about yourself after everybody’s combat class.


Therefore, body combat can be beneficial for one’s mental health.


Do you need to be fit to start body combat?


The beauty of body combat is accessible to everyone regardless of age, fitness, race, or ability.


Once you get an expert instructor, you will be given exercises that tailor your needs and don’t put too much pressure on you. The instructor shows each move at different levels, meaning everyone can enjoy the session and get the full benefit without stretching their limits.


If you’re a beginner, it may be idle to focus a lot more on your stamina and endurance, so you get your body up to speed with the intensity of body combat.


You might also have to consider eating a lot more protein to help condition your muscles for the heavy workout involved in body combat.


Where can I find a local gym that offers active body combat class for everyone


Body combat isn’t so common in Ghana yet. However, Fitness 1 Gym, located at One Airport Square, offers body combat classes every week. There are expert instructors available who will help you each step of the way to ensure you are making the most out of this intense activity. Also, all equipment will be provided at Fitness 1 Gym to enhance the body combat experience.




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