Many distractions may prevent you from living your dream, but will you allow these distractions to have their way?

Maintaining a job that requires so much from you may be daunting, but it doesn’t mean you should put your health and fitness on pause. The healthier you are, the more productive you will be at work. Regular physical exercise has also proven to boost your moods because as you exercise, your body produces feel-good endorphins to make you happier. Workers who have a consistent exercise life have more advantages at managing their stress levels. Such persons have a great sense of self-esteem too.

So, wouldn’t you instead find a balance to maintain regular physical exercise with your work life? Let’s show you how. Read on to explore the details of how to maintain fitness with work life.

In this article, you’ll learn practical ways to maintain fitness with work life. You’ll also identify some common mistakes in maintaining fitness and how best to avoid them.


Below are the Top 10 Ways of Balancing Fitness with Work-Life.


1.Boost your Vitamin D Levels

Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and improved resistance against specific health issues. Whether it’s a morning run or a quick walk to catch up with a midday meeting, get outside and boost your vitamin D levels. When exposed to the sun, your skin can manufacture its own vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to be the best legal workout performance enhancer you can get, and arguably outperforms many of the illegal ones. At a cellular level, it massively boosts energy quicker. “Repeated studies have shown vitamin D working at a cellular level repair damaged tissue,” says Ian Wishart, author of vitamin D: Is this the miracle vitamin? Balancing work and fitness is not easy. You will need enough energy to win at it. Aim to get at least 10-30 minutes midday sunlight, several times per week to help boost your performance at both the gym and office.


2.Have Alternatives

In as much as there are uncertainties in life, there are so many resources right at our fingertips. For example, if your day gets foiled by a last-minute meeting, don’t sweat it! We know how that could ruin your plan of visiting the gym after work but try this. Always practice how to maintain calm in such situations. Have a plan B and C in stock, almost like a secondary course of action that’s part of your plan. Guess what, and Fitness 1 Gym always has fitness trainers and professionals ready to speak with you. All you have to do is to dial 0508118888 to speak with our customer service staff to help you reschedule your workout session. Easy isn’t it?


3.Have Enough Rest

Even though a majority of us have eight to twelve-hour jobs, either during the day or at night, it is important to get enough sleep to boost the body’s immune system. Scientists recommend 6-8 hours of sleep daily because the body gets rejuvenated when you rest. You will regain lost energy and feel more refreshed to complete the day’s tasks. For example, when you are so tired after work, take a nap for about 30 minutes before making your next move to visit the gym. When you do this, you will maintain a high level of focus throughout your gym session. Sleep when you have to because good rest means a more productive mind both in the gym and at work. Having enough rest will also prevent you from waking up late, resulting in being late for work.


4.Maintain a Positive Attitude

A crucial key to being in good shape is to set goals and keep a positive mindset. Think positive and circulate yourself with friends you share the same interest with. You spend more time with your friends and family, so the best choice you can make is to choose friends who have a positive mindset and attitude. The more you interact with such friends, the more it feels more comfortable to achieve your fitness target.


Here are simple ways to maintain a positive attitude:

  • Constantly remind yourself of your ‘why.’ Why are you doing this? There is a reason you have decided to stay fit even though you have a busy work schedule. Feed your mind with constant reminders.
  • Whether you record your fitness progress in a hand-written journal or an app on your smartphone, set weekly or monthly timelines to check your progress, remind yourself of your past wins, and get motivated to do more.
  • End each day by getting prepared for the next day. This will help you welcome each day relaxed with so much positivity.
  • Take breaks at the right time. Schedule breaks between work and sticks to them.
  • Find a place to read a book not related to work. Books inspire and motivate, read an inspiring book.


5.Have a Healthy Meal Plan

Regardless of what your stomach demands, don’t go in for candy. Choosing candy over healthy food would cause more harm than good. Try to stay away from sweets such as toffees. Aside from being a cause for diabetes, overeating sugary foods could make one stout. Even if it is just one candy bar, one will eventually lead to another because of how addictive sugar can be. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Apples are also a better option because they do an excellent job making the stomach feel full for up to 3 to 4 hours. Stick to lean meats like chicken, duck, sausages, and bush birds. Seafood such as shrimp, tilapia, catfish, bluefish, cod, and herring are also great options. These foods are full of protein and healthy nutrients that would regulate your body system. It’ll keep your muscles fit and ready for a great session in the gym.


6.Reduce Multitasking

Most of us believe that multitasking increases productivity. What if we told you it had proven otherwise in most cases? Multitasking does not make you more productive. Constantly shifting your attention between tasks means that you’ll need more time to complete a task. Don’t believe it?

Examples of multitasking are:

  1. Speaking to customers over the phone while entering data into the computer system.
  2. Preparing a presentation while contributing to other work-related tasks.
  3. Ringing up customers while bagging groceries.
  4. Cooking dinner while helping children with homework.
  5. Reading a book while eating.

The primary culprit that keeps us in a constant state of multitasking is emailing every other minute and continually checking our social media platforms for new notifications. Most of the time, the focus on this communication media causes us to forget our work. It turns to be a burden, and that causes us to become stressed while completing the main task.


  Do These Instead:

  1. Create a list of daily priorities.
  2. Set a time for distractions.
  3. Be aware of your multitasking habit.
  4. Be prepared to say no.
  5. Don’t start your morning by looking at your phone.
  6. Consider apps that block distractions.


7.Create a Conducive Atmosphere for Fitness 

Find ways to squeeze in activity time by flexing your creativity muscles. Weekends are great times for this. You can organize morning exercises on Saturdays for your co-worker and co-tenants. You can put it on paper and set reminders for each member. You stick to the doctor’s appointments and work meetings on your calendar, so why not take the same approach to exercise sessions? On Sunday nights, schedule a special family fitness time. To make sure your family members are on board, especially the ones who are more likely to give excuses, place the calendar in a common area so each of you can see it. That way, workout times become public declarations and non-negotiable parts of your routine.



8.Have a Fitness Challenge

Making fitness a part of your work time is a great way to ensure you’re not giving anything to chance. Your co-workers, co-tenants, and teammates can provide a network of support and encouragement. An example may be starting a weight loss challenge or a step competition to encourage and motivate one another.


9.Shop Smart and Dress Ready

These days fashion comes in different forms, and we can’t even deny it. You can shop for cute fitness clothes that can be a transition to wear from the street to the gym. You can get ready in something that will work for taking the kids to school, meeting a friend for a playdate, grabbing coffee, and then making it to the gym right after. It will not only save time from not having to change clothes again, but you’ll likely be much more willing to dash to the gym if all you have to do is switch your shoes or take off your sweater.


10.Drink Enough Water

Your body is made up of 70% of liquid, so continually keeping your body hydrated will help you function better. Care for yourself enough to drink enough water to stay hydrated either at your workplace or home. Get yourself a reusable water container and keep it with you at all times. Drinking water will keep you full and will help you fight off unhealthy snack cravings. It also helps you keep focused for prolonged periods. Need to boost your productivity and creativity levels both in the gym and at work? Drink enough water.

Time management and discipline are the main skills you need to balance a busy work schedule with a great fitness program. Decide you can do it and go ahead and prove yourself. Many fitness fanatics succeed at balancing their busy work schedule with their fitness programs, so why won’t you try?

Do you have any other hacks we forgot to mention? We would love to read them in the comments section.




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