Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

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Do you love working out alone or in a group? A solo workout can be peaceful and quiet; however, you may discover that you are better off with group-based fitness than training by yourself.

A recent USA-based Spooky Nook Sports study indicates that working out in groups reaps more health benefits than working out alone, especially for older adults. Whether you’re indoor cycling, working out on a treadmill, kickboxing, or dancing, you’ll have much more fun exercising in a group than going solo. Below are some key benefits of working in groups and the merits of group-based fitness boot camps.




Consistently working out reaps many health benefits. However, many people find it challenging to stick to a daily routine. Exercising alone may be ideal for you but maybe very hard because you may not be accountable to anyone. This lack of accountability means that even when you cheat; skip a couple of workout days, you may never be able to get back on track as you don’t have anyone to help you stay committed. However, in a fitness group, members serve as each other’s keepers because you’re all exercising towards a common goal. In this case, when you miss a workout session, you would most likely get a text or call from a group member checking up on you.


Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

Second, group workouts serve as a motivation booster. A person is more likely to complete a weight loss program they start, with the help of at least three family or friends, as they serve as a support team to aid you with your set goals. Having the support of others goes a long way to help a person in working out. Imagine your ‘perfect-figured’ spouse or friend working out with you day in, day out, all to aid you in overcoming your weight struggles. How lovely would that be?



Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

Staying healthy means that it is crucial to exercise, but more importantly, working out requires that you do so safely. Failing to take precautions with equipment or even technique can result in significant injuries to your body. In addition, while working out, you may be tempted to try new things and even push yourself to your breaking point. Working out in groups and under the guidance of an expert provides a safe option to help you prevent injury because experts will guide you so you work out correctly.



Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

A group exercise class is preferable to solo exercise, as group programs offer a proper structure to follow. For instance, an instructor may have you follow a schedule that first deals with warmups, weight loss exercises, and activities that build your strength. This conditions your body to handle all of the exercises progressively. This way, you do not put your body under too much pressure to cause health problems.




Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

Next on our list of benefits is socialization. Being motivated to give off your best is one thing; extending such motivation is another. The connections you make sharing the highs and lows of exercising together not only motivate you at the moment but can also form the foundation of a social group that supports your health and wellness goals long term. With that said, we’ll look at socialization at the family level. One way of fostering family unity is by incorporating working out into family time. A family that works out together definitely grows together. Who knows? You may learn one or two workout tricks from your loved ones or close friends.


Group-based Fitness Bootcamps

Group Bootcamps Are a Remarkable Way to Get Fit!

Group-based fitness boot camps are fast becoming the go-to approach for losing weight when working out in groups. These programs have become more and more popular over the years due to the numerous benefits they bring to the table.

Fitness bootcamps are very efficient and effective; they can help you get committed to your health by providing a consistent workout schedule. However, time is of the essence, and so how you spend every single second matters. It can be quite a wreck to spend precious time doing a lot of exercise with next to nothing to show for it.

It is way better to work out with a group of people you may not be so familiar with and get much exercise done within the shortest possible time than to stay in your comfort zone by yourself and do nothing while pretending to exercise your heart out. Group fitness clubs aid in helping you make good use of your time to make the most out of it. If you’re paying for the camp (and you most probably would), time spent at a fitness boot camp would be worth every cedi.

Group fitness bootcamps are motivating, just as working out together is a motivation booster. Conversely, the lack of motivation is a significant factor preventing you from starting a new workout routine. Motivation is a two-fold affair; internal motivation and external motivation. For internal motivation, you need to find your inner power, self-determination, and inspiration to get that workout done. External motivation helps to have motivation from others; friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers.

Group fitness boot camps go a long way in boosting your motivation externally. Some groups use music and beats per minute (BPM) to get optimal responses from their attendees. It is proven that listening to music during a workout can enhance performance, increase enjoyment and decrease one’s rating of perceived exertion (RPE).

If you’re interested in joining a fun group that can help you transform your body and mindset about working out, ask us about our four-week Bootcamp that we are jointly running with UK-based fitness expert Transformedbhl.




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