gym ,students perform better ,most popular gym in Ghana,Fitness 1 Gym,the gym can also help students perform better academically

Schools have started resuming already! Slowly, life is picking up after the global pandemic, and the new academic year is beginning for many students. Do you love yourself enough to include fitness care in your everyday school routine? Staying physically active does more than just helping you stay fit and healthy. Getting involved and busy in the gym can also help students perform better academically by enhancing classroom concentration.

Reading your books, going for lectures, having group discussions, and maintaining an attitude to help you get better grades in school is no a joke. But what if we tell you being physically active will ease your stress, enhance your brain function, and support you ace your exams?

Fitness 1 Gym, the most popular gym in Ghana, is here to assist you in exploring how physical exercises help improve academic performance.


Here are four benefits of fitness on academic performance:


1. It Boosts your Health

Experts have found that there’s a link between being healthy and fit and making excellent academic grades. This is because low-intensity exercises can give your energy levels just the boost you need, especially when you’re reaching the end of those back to back lectures and the fatigue kicks in.


During workouts, the heart is strengthened. The heart is a muscle, and like other muscles, its performance improves when it’s regularly challenged by exercise. Strengthening the heart muscles can help ward off heart diseases. Engaging in fitness programs like swimming, cycling, dancing, and jogging keeps the arteries and veins clear. Exercise reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream.


  1. Staying physically active enhances the flexibility of blood vessels and helps to lower blood pressure.
  2. People who engage in fitness programs find it easier to control their weight than those who don’t.
  3. Workouts strengthen the lungs, reduces blood sugar levels, and strengthens bones.

gym ,students perform better ,most popular gym in Ghana,Fitness 1 Gym,the gym can also help students perform better academically


2. Manages Emotional Stress and Anxiety

Endorphins help reduce stress levels and make you happier. When you get physically active, these endorphins are released, and then you begin to feel better. So, not only is workout giving you more energy and jumpstarting your brain for a good study session, it is reducing the stress you may feel when exams are getting closer. A key to a good study session isn’t just hours of sitting in the library or playing indoor games.

Don’t engage in unending twitter agendas or binge-watch movie series. Instead, visit Fitness 1 Gym, the best Gym in Ghana, and experience fitness in innovative ways. We have modern gym machines to make your session fun. Whether you choose to jog, bike, dance, or yoga, workouts can help:

  1. Reduce feelings of depression and stress.
  2. Improve your sleep.
  3. Boost your mood.
  4. You feel more alert

So, the next time you’re feeling anxious or stressed, visit us at One Airport Square in Accra, and you’ll appreciate the experience.


3. Exercise Enhances Concentration

Research shows that just 20 minutes of exercise before studying can improve concentration and focus your learning. Intense physical activity causes blood to flow to the brain, which fires up your neurons and promotes cell growth, particularly in the hippocampus, which is critical for learning.


Different types of exercise affect the brain in different ways, which means certain forms of physical activity can help you concentrate better than others. Using the treadmill effectively, for example, has been linked to result in strong engagement when it comes to learning.


Concentration heightens creativity, and that is precisely what workouts help you to do. Giving extra care to your fitness needs will help you improve what you think about, when you think about them and how often or long you think about them. As a student, your thought processes should matter to you because your creativity stems from your thoughts. This is one reason you should engage in regular physical exercises, whether alone or with your friends.


gym ,students perform better ,most popular gym in Ghana,Fitness 1 Gym,the gym can also help students perform better academically


4. Enhances Your Cognitive Development

Exercising directly impacts the behavior and development of the brain. “It is likely that the effects of physical activity on cognition would be particularly important in the highly plastic developing brains of the youth.” According to a 2010 essay penned by Charles Basch of Columbia University.


Charles Basch further listed that workouts lead to positive brain functioning by:

  1. Increasing oxygen flow to the brain.
  2. Increasing brain neurotransmitters
  3. Enhancing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a key molecule involved in plastic changes related to learning, great memory, and higher thinking.


Remember, the idea is to include exercises in your routine while actively engaging in your academic activities.


These clues will show you how you can include a variety of workouts in your routine as a student:


· Time Management

To make time for exercising, you must effectively make time for what matters to you as a student. Time is a priceless resource, so you must handle it with care. You can check out the available workout slots available at Fitness 1 Gym and include them in your routine. Doing this will help you make time to read your books and also exercise your muscles and brain.


· Get Gym Membership

When you register as a member of our gym, make time for your fitness program and treat it as an academic class with a line-up of fun activities.

Try your best not to miss your sessions, but even if you do, inform your trainer to reschedule your session. Be consistent. Remember to enjoy the company of the community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts you will meet at the gym.

Read our article on 8 Tips to Consider When Choosing A Gym Membership In Ghana  


· Appreciate Your Efforts

Rewards can be motivating. Consider setting appreciating your efforts. You could keep track of how consistent you were throughout the month. You can do this with a friend to make it more fun.


Record all the times you visited the gym, the number of times you ate healthily, and even the number of days you missed your sessions. Do it with a friend, and stay accountable to each other. At the end of the month, whoever had better results should be treated to something fun, maybe a movie date.


· Do your Assignments at the Gym

Got some reading assignments to complete? If you’ve got them in audio, you can take a listen while using the treadmill. You can even get on a bike at the gym, put in some headphones, and get through your reading while also getting through your workout.


· Exercise with a Friend

A friend is like a fuel that pushes you to do more and helps you stay accountable. When you’re in school, it’s so likely to spend most of your time with a friend, so finding a friend who believes and supports you to eat clean, drink enough water, exercise, study, and smash those school grades together is a significant flex. Make sure you find a good friend.

gym ,students perform better ,most popular gym in Ghana,Fitness 1 Gym,the gym can also help students perform better academically


· Go to Lectures in your Gym Wear

You have to dress appropriately for lectures, but if you’re already wearing running shorts or pants, a t-shirt, and some sneakers, it’ll be much easier to move to the gym right after lectures.


· Stretch to the Sky

After a legit workout, sit up straight and raise your arms to the sky. You’ll never get there but, after holding that position, for 10-20 seconds, you’ll feel refreshed. This is relatively very simple to do, and you’ll feel more refreshed when you do.


As a student, good health should be a priority. With good health, you can achieve so much. Without it, you might go through the academic year feeling like a loser. Pay extra attention to your fitness, and you will gain much.


As part of providing tailored fitness solutions to your needs, we have various suitable fitness packages for everyone, including students.

Whether you’re thinking of a body massage after a tough exam week or weekly dance classes to help shake off the weekly stress on Friday nights and help you welcome the weekend with much excitement, we’ve got you covered.


As a student, you can follow any of the clues above. At Fitness 1 Gym, we pride ourselves as one of the most popular and best gyms in Accra, and we work beyond your expectations.


Visit us today, and let’s assist you to keep fit while in school. We have advanced exercising machines and professional fitness trainers and coaches to help you stay healthy as you desire.

Our highly sort after customer services include body toning, nutrition, diet solution, muscle building, personal training, and aerobic classes such as yoga, dance, and more.


If you’re in Accra, sign up as an individual or group with the best gym today. At Fitness 1 Gym, we provide a fascinating balance of physical exercises because we know how important it is to be healthy and fit.




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