Interesting Questions To Ask Your Fitness Trainer

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You will learn more when you begin to ask more. This is why asking questions can help you explore and equip you with relevant techniques to achieve more. As you read you will be able to identify questions to ask your fitness trainer

Fitness is no different. Begin engaging your trainer in more conversations if you haven’t started already. You should feel free to express yourself about signing for membership at the gym, your difficulties at the gym, and your improvements as time goes on. The more questions you ask, the more your trainer or coach gets fulfilled and convinced that, indeed, you are taking your fitness plan seriously.

Having a personal trainer is a great investment you’re making for yourself. But how can you gain more from this relationship if you keep all your fitness challenges to yourself? Your fitness trainer might not have all the answers, but they may have answers to most of them.


Learn to ask your fitness trainer these exciting questions:

1. How long have you been a trainer?

Many times, the more you practice something consistently, the better you get at it. The longer a trainer has been a fitness leader, the better a trainer he or she is. You will learn and apply relevant skills if your trainer shares their experiences with you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is beautiful to meet a fresh trainer, but a more experienced trainer would be right for you.


2. Where did you get certified as a personal trainer?

Sometimes it is not necessary to ask, but curiosity increases your knowledge, so why not? Moreover, this kind of question throws more light on why they are personal trainers and why they want to be your trainer. Besides, some expert trainers are not certified, but you keep calm when you know they have studied a certain amount of relevant information.


3. Should I train before or after work?

Training should be done when you are willing and comfortable, but asking your trainer would make you more confident. When you have this conversation with your trainer, you also get the chance to share your schedules with your trainer. This could even be an opportunity to let him or her understand and appreciate your efforts more.

Your trainer would be interested in exploring your less busy days so that he or she schedules good days for both of you. The first 10-21 days of your training are not going to be easy, but with your trainer’s help, you will be consistent with training.

questions to ask your fitness trainer

4. Should I sleep more?

Previously, research stated that eight hours a day is the best time for good sleep. In recent years, many studies have also said that, if you have a seven-hour rest, there is an incredible spot for brain function and enjoying life longer. The best time for better sleep is in-between seven to eight hours daily. It would help if you had a nap when you are exhausted too. Asking your trainer this kind of question will always keep him appreciative of your efforts at staying fit. It could also be the best time to make your fitness trainer your accountability partner, you know.


5. Have you noticed an improvement in my fitness life?

When you identify an appropriate technique for yourself, it will boost your attitude towards fitness. Your trainer is not going to force you to come to train. Keeping fit is 100 percent dependent on you. Emmons said, “Proper form assures you proper results.” Keeping fit at certain times may make you feel uncomfortable. If you can ask your trainer this question, you will come to understand if your personal trainer’s fitness routine and style align with yours.


6. How do you examine new trainees?

This question could help you know how good or bad you did on your first trial. Development can’t be examined without a standard, which will require a thorough examination. At Fitness 1 Gym, we believe that examinations are challenging for some of our trainees. However, we encourage our trainers to examine your body posture to some of the exercise moves you are directed to make. It enables your trainer to check your results well.

7. How do you fulfill a trainee’s fitness goal?

Every trainee has their personal fitness goal. Some aim to burn calories, attain curvy hips, have a flat tummy, and fit in a pair of trousers or a dress. Being interested in how your trainer would fulfill your fitness goal can help you stay motivated while keeping fit constantly.

questions to ask your fitness trainer

questions to ask your fitness trainer


8. Do you love to give assignments?

Emmons said, “For most having a trainer there 24/7 is unrealistic. Incorporating homework educates clients and motivates them. There’s a lot that the trainer and client can accomplish together, and there’s always a little more the client can do by themselves”. This question can spark your trainer’s spirit so that he gives you some simple moves to practice at home. Examples of such moves are foam rolling, stretching, and full-body routines to do at home when you miss the gym.


9. Do you have pictures and videos of your trainees?

The before and after pictures of fitness enthusiasts who have trained with your coach in the past could assure you that he or she is indeed the best for you and has results to show for it. The more the testimonials, the better your trainer.


10. What is your style for training?

Every trainer has a way of training and approaching things differently. Some trainers are quiet, others are loud, and others are lively. It all depends on who you meet at a point. Remember, even in life, and we have a variety of people who do things differently. Some trainers teach by demonstrating with themselves, and others teach virtually. The question is, do you need a trainer who would be harsh on you or the one who will direct and teach you without making any scene? This question could help rid your mind of some doubts you may have about your trainer.


11. What’s your cancellation rule?

Most trainers work by hours, so if they don’t have a trainee at that time, they do not get paid. This propels them to create a twenty-four-hour cancellation rule. So before you commence to sign any agreement, ask them to expatiate on that topic thoroughly. If you do not come into a bone of contention, do not sign.


Do you recommend any eating habits?

What we consume affects our bodies. If you keep up with fitness and do not check up on your diet, you are doing nothing at all. Per the research, eighty percent of what you consume keeps you more healthy and fit. You will need to have a coach who knows what food you can consume and why you should consume them.


12. Do you recommend any supplements and equipment before we start?

Your primary goal is to keep fit not necessarily, adding supplements. But making inquiries from your trainer would help you know WhatsApp. Besides, you do not want it to make the majority of your transformation. You need an amazing testimonial in the act of keeping fit. Also, does your trainer need you to buy any equipment? Perhaps a heart rate monitor, food scale, weight scale, or fitness journal. You need to ask these questions so that you can meet your trainer’s expectations.


13. What cardio is good for me?

Immediately after signing membership, your trainer’s responsibility is to make you begin with exercises you’re familiar with. Then, as you progress, he teaches you the unfamiliar moves, such as exercising with machines that will help you burn more calories and aerobic conditioning.


14. Can I do abs frequently?

When you feel sores in your abs after training, have a break and restore them before doing abs again. Ensure you work with the whole core without leaving any out. Add to situps and crunches, advocate postures for skew and stability such as side bends, leg raises, Russian twists and leg rotations.

questions to ask your fitness trainer

Abs: questions to ask your fitness trainer


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