Regulate Your Periods And Ease Your Cramps With These Fitness Tips

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Are you paying attention to how your body reacts during your monthly flow?

Do you feel so sick and anxious that engaging in your regular fitness routine becomes like a difficult chore?

This has been the headache of many ladies too. You’re not alone. Many ladies find themselves contemplating over what to do to ease menstrual pains while causing no irregularities to their periods.

The merits of keeping fit don’t end during monthly periods. There are particular benefits to working out during that time of the month.

Again, being consistent with a fitness routine helps ease menstrual cramps during periods. Although it might be tough, the benefits will make you feel and live better. The truth is that you have to engage in physical exercises, but during such periods, you might want to consider minimizing the intensity of the workouts you engage in.

This article will show you what happens to your body when you exercise and why it is important to pay closer attention to your fitness while on your period.

What Happens to your body when you Exercise?

Exercising, in general, helps the body grow and also keeps us fit. According to Alyse Kelly-Jones, M.D., who is an ob-gyn at Novant Health Mintview OB/GYN, said, “higher intensity exercise can release more endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals released in our brains when we exercise.” You might wonder if there any more benefits these endorphins bring to the body. They are feel-good chemicals that react with the receptors in brains when we exercise, which reduces the perception of any form of pain being experienced. Endorphins are unique gifts that boost our mood for our daily activities such as dancing, swimming, eating, and even sex.


Now, Let’s Take a Look at why it is Important to Pay Extra Attention to our Fitness During Periods.


1. It Eases Period Cramps

Exercising is the most popular antidote for menstrual cramps. Fitness expert Alexandra Bonetti said, “research also shows we have a higher pain tolerance and faster recovery period during periods.” Definitely, with the severe pains and bleeding, you might decide to stay home without visiting the gym because you can’t sweat it out. But you have all it takes to exercise regardless.


It’s okay for you to experience menstrual cramps. During this time of the month, engaging in highly energetic workouts become very challenging. This is why practicing yoga during periods is not only one of the most popular exercises to relieve menstrual pain; it requires less strength.


Regulate Your Periods And Ease

Here are three yoga positions you can learn when you visit Fitness 1 Gym


i. Forward Bend

When doing this exercise,

  1. Stand with feet together and arms at each side.
  2. Deep feet into the floor, breath in, and reach arms toward the ceiling
  3. Breath out, bring arms equally as you hinge forward from hips to reach the floor.
  4. Do that for a minute.


ii. Head-to-knee-Position

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your head-to-knee-position:

  1. Sit and spread your legs wide.
  2. Bend your right knee and pose foot on the inside of the left upper thigh.
  3. Breathe in and raise arms overhead.
  4. Breath out and relax forward over left leg, resting forehead on the thigh (or on a pillow or something foamy).
  5. Do this for a minimum of 30seconds, then breathe in a while sitting up. Change your position, and do it once more.


iii. Wide Angle Forward Bend

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your wide-angle forward bend:

  1. Sit upright on the floor with legs spread wide (sit on a pillow).
  2. Breathe in and bring arms out to sides and overhead.
  3. Breath out and bend forward, reaching arms out


2. Exercise Controls Irregular Periods Naturally

Ladies, if you continuously have irregularities while on your period, and you’ve been on medication several, visit the gym and start a workout routine. The more you exercise, the more regulated your menstrual cycle may become. Care more about the foods you eat and your exercises’ nature during your monthly cycle, particularly when you’re ovulating.


Regulate Your Periods And Ease

3. Exercising Regulates your Mood and PMS

Most people feel sad nausea and have mood swings on their periods. You can escape such moods while you exercise on your period days, whereas others don’t feel the same. So, even when having extreme Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), get your body moving, and some endorphins flowing. The endorphins released during and after the workout will precipitate a positive feeling in your body. Enjoy the best fitness care and service at Fitness 1 Gym.


4. Exercising Enhances your Vitality

Exercising while on period is the right time to advance your strength. For example, if you love to have fun at the gym, you’ll enjoy your time at the gym when on your periods because you will experience an increase in vitality. One study undertook at Umea University, Sweden, explains that exercising during the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle can improve your strength and power as the levels of female sex hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, are comparatively low while in that moment.


Consider these exercises:

i. Aerobic Exercise

This is expected to be light cardio. It should be simple and less stressful. Trainers at Fitness 1 Gym would be there to assist you, but first, you must open up. It should be concise.


ii. Strength Training

When ready, try very low volume exercises. Of course, you should decrease the weight you might ordinarily use.


iii. Pilates

The moves in Pilates focuses on muscle groups, so you do your workout to fit your need. For instance, if you’re struggling and have aches from your lower back during your period, try rolls-downs to stretch your spine and back at the gym.


iv. Dancing

Dancing automatically enhances your mood and helps you forget your pain. You’d feel this, especially at the gym, where you find your friends many other fitness enthusiasts cheering you on. The fun exercising will not only stir up your mood, but you’ll also be burning calories too.


What to do after Visiting the Gym

  1. Freshen up with warm water. This helps the body feel at ease and decreases muscle spasms.
  2. Make use of ice or heated pad.
  3. Have a good rest. Remember, rest is natural medicine too.
  4. Remember to stay hydrated even before going to the gym. While drinking enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day, limit your intake of dehydrating beverages like alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks.


Regulate Your Periods And Ease

Consider Limiting these Habits at the Gym During Your Period:

  1. Exercise according to your strength. Minimize engaging in workouts that are too demanding for you. If not, you might place yourself at a greater risk of getting amenorrhea.


  1. Crowded group fitness classes. As much as possible, exercise in a less crowded environment. This is why Fitness 1 Gym, the best gym in Accra, has made available clean changing rooms and washrooms for our amazing fitness lovers.


 Consider these tips while exercising during your period:

  1. Use a tampon or a menstrual product that makes you feel relief and not irritating.
  2. Try to do away with the use of G-Strings underwear while on your period. You must feel at ease while exercising.
  3. Have you ever guessed that the menstrual product you use may be preventing you from exercising while on your period? For example, exercising with a tampon per se, you may experience somebody rashes while working out. You’re likely to get from the rub of the pad wings against your inner thighs or the annoying smell from a full pad mixed with sweat.
  4. Maybe, you fear staining your outfit. You may opt for menstrual cups. They’re massive and pleasant. With the cups, you may experience little to no unpleasant smell while the cup collects the blood inside the body and has nothing to do with oxygen. Remember, the menstrual cup is always in the right position, and it’s never shaken. Love yourself enough not to skip your active lifestyle just because of your period.
  5. Truth is, you may not be able to go to the gym prepared every day of the month, but you can adjust things on such awkward days. You can use the different phases of your menstrual cycle for different activities.

So you see, it is perfectly okay and even more important when you care and engage in fitness activities, especially during that time of the month. All you need to do is learn the best practices and visit a gym near you to begin.


Fitness 1 Gym well-resourced with modern workout machines for your best workouts before and after your period. If you are looking for a gym near you with the best fitness coaches and professionals, send us a message today, your fitness is our priority.






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