visiting the gym,sign up with a gym,overcome anxieties and pressure in the gym,registered member of a gym

Do you feel like your efforts at the gym are not worth it? Are you avoiding the exciting feeling and all the jaw-dropping packages that come with being a registered member of a gym because you feel it might be stressful? Is your situation causing you to eat more junk foods, stay dehydrated, become a couch potato, skip your workout sessions at the gym, and even remain indoors all week?

You are not alone.

These days, more and more people are becoming more health-conscious, and so many newbies are confused about what will do the greater good, having a home gym or signing up with a well-equipped gym?

Is this your story?

Maybe you’ve been a fitness fanatic for so long, and you’ve even had a debate with a friend over this same issue. Because to you, most of the positives of having a gym membership are beginning to look usual and almost a big part of your lifestyle, you’re beginning to downplay the many benefits.

If you could learn and relearn many of the chilling benefits of a gym membership, how will that change your attitude towards your gym instructor or even your colleagues in your gym class?

Are you ready to know the many undeniable benefits and tasty packages of having a gym membership over owning a home gym?

There are numerous reasons why gym fanatics choose a gym membership over a home gym. But here are the 6 undeniable benefits of gym membership over a home gym.

1. Refine Health

Exercising at the gym gives you access to a wide range of gym equipment that will drive you to get maximum results from your workouts. Gym machines are reasonably expensive, and when you can sign up with a gym that has it all, your workouts will be smoother and more refreshing.


Suddenly, you can try out new exercises you learn online because you can access the necessary gym equipment. You will notice that you have become more consistent with your exercise routine. And guess what consistency is? The real gamechanger you need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Men and women who have continuous access to the workout machines they need are consistent with their workout, leading to a healthy boost in their sexual health.


For our brothers who already have erectile dysfunction, workouts would help them improve their sexual function. In women, it increases sexual arousal. Unlike being at home and having the liberty to decide how many minutes to spend on the treadmill, working out in the gym environment improves consistency and checks you to build healthy fitness habits that will reduce your risk of some cancers in your colon, breast, uterine and lung. Be part of a community of fitness fanatics like Fitness 1 Gym today and get access to the healthy support network you need to make it easier to drop unhealthy habits like overeating, consuming too many sugary foods and even smoking.

visiting the gym,sign up with a gym,overcome anxieties and pressure in the gym,registered member of a gym

2. Saves Cost

Although signing up for a gym membership and building a home gym is very expensive, having a gym membership is more cost-effective. When you think of building a home gym, getting the most conducive space and the right equipment might probably cost you more than just scrolling through a gym website and paying a little fee to have exclusive access to their services.

There’re instances where getting the best exercise machines for your home gym is very tedious. Thinking of making a home gym decision is easy, but maintaining it can be very tedious. You’ll need even to watch tons of YouTube videos and probably read tons of blog posts and include constant practice to get your maintenance game right.


As a gym member, you don’t need to dream of buying, to replace, or maintaining your workout machines because the gym staff has that under control. Get your gym membership today and save money as you get access to top-quality exercise machines to boost your workout.

visiting the gym,sign up with a gym,overcome anxieties and pressure in the gym,registered member of a gym

3. Access to Classes, Clubs, and Community

In comparing home gym to a gym membership, the probability of you suffering from boredom at your home gym is higher than the gym membership. As a member of the best gym in Ghana, you’d meet newbies who have the same interest as you. Who knows, the network you build with them could help you sign some deals in the future.

Whether your interest is in Yoga, lifting weights, biking, or even dancing, you’ll surely connect with like-minded people.


These days, most gyms offer loads of classes at different times of the day, month, and year that suits your needs, so it’s convenient. Exercising at the gym can be very motivating and enable you to reach your health goal quickly. For example, as an adult with jobs and kids, it is often difficult extending your social circle outside of the usual places; work, school, and church. On the other hand, gaining gym membership, especially that of Fitness 1 Gym, will give you some space to make friends with different people within your interest.


4. Gym Members Easily Boost your Chances of Actually Achieving Your Fitness Goals.

A recent study at Iowa University found that “people who belonged to a gym not only exercised more, for both aerobic activity and strength training. They also had better cardiovascular health outcomes. Those health benefits were even greater for people who had a gym membership for more than a year.” We at Fitness 1 Gym can testify to the fact that these are facts. Our members keep giving us a positive response.


We encourage you to be a part of our fitness community today so that your health goals become a reality. The report’s author, Duck-Chul (DC), Lee, said: “Gym members were 14 times more aerobically active than non-members and 10 times more likely to meet muscle-strengthening guidelines, regardless of their age and weight.” The outcomes were the same in both men and women.


The study also found that 75% of study participants with gym memberships, compared to 18% of non-members, met current health guidelines (about 160 minutes of moderate or 80 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week). It’s a simple proof that signing up with a gym can easily boost your chances of getting fit than that of the home gym.


5. Motivation and Commitment

Working out home is convenient, but would you be consistent while attending to the kids almost every time? Procrastination sets in whenever you want to keep fit at the home gym. Scheduling your workouts at a gym makes you avoid all of these.


You have a target to reach. Staying in an environment that fuels you up to pile up excuses will prevent you from achieving those weekly and monthly body goals. The gym atmosphere will keep you on track but firmly motivate you to be committed to the cause.


6. Encourages Positive Habits

Though keeping fit can be mostly tough, thinking of the many merits you enjoy could easily fuel you up to do more. The saying “we’re what we repeatedly do” makes much sense now. Because our habits and attitudes make us, just walking through the door of the gym can boost your morale to work out. That is the difference between gaining a gym membership and having a home gym. Keep visiting the gym, and soon you will nurture great fitness habits. A home gym could be there, you see it, and nothing even tickles you to go the extra mile. And that is how powerful and beneficial visiting a gym can be to you.


Learn these simple steps to gaining a gym membership.


Step 1: Do ask yourself these questions

  1. Which gym should I go in for?
  2. What should be my actions before signing a contract?
  3. What are some clues to save money on my gym membership?
  4. How do I relate with my trainers and new friends at the gym after gaining my membership?
  5. How can I overcome anxieties and pressure in the gym after gaining my membership?
  6. Is there an option for purchasing a gym membership?


Step 2: Get a guest pass

Ensure that you head to the gym at different times of day that go hand in hand with when you plan to go frequently.


Step 3: Look out for the following during your guest visits

  1. The workout equipment. Is it intact? Hoping it won’t cause more harm than good to your health.
  2. The number of the equipment for exercising in the gym. Are they enough? Would it discourage queuing?
  3. The general vibe in the gym. Does it seem clean?
  4. Check if there are enough showers available, especially when you’re going to work after working out.


If you’re in Accra and its environs look no further, Fitness 1 Gym has answers to many of your questions. Our team of amazing trainers and coaches are here to guide you on how to enjoy your fitness journey.


From the customer-focused services we render to the modern gym machines we have, to being located at the best of the city, our clients keep complimenting our serene atmosphere, and we know you will love it here too.


Call +233508118888 and visit us to experience the best of fitness in Ghana.





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