Tips for Choosing a Gym Membership in Ghana

choosing a gym membership in Ghana

Finding a well-resourced gym that is capable of serving all your fitness needs is as important as deciding to stay fit. Although gyms have not been popular in the past years in Ghana, more and more gyms have sprung up in recent times. Depending on your goals and location, becoming a member of a gym can be daunting. As you read on, you will identify tips to consider when choosing a gym membership in Ghana and practical gym membership steps that are common to gyms all over the country. 


  1. Single out your fitness goals.           

Gyms serve a different purpose to various people. From bodybuilding to staying fit and healthy, to getting access to state of the art workout equipment, and even finding new friends. It is important to single out your purpose of wanting a gym membership and identifying a gym that can best serve that unique need.

  1. Know your likes and dislikes.

Just like any other institution, gyms have a set of rules they go by. When you start to consider having membership with a particular gym, it will be in your best interest to go the extra mile, maybe during a one-time walk-in session to know the likes and dislikes of the gym. You can also read the gym reviews on their website to find out what people liked and disliked about the gym.

  1. Proximity

Long-distance could discourage you from staying loyal to your workout schedule. Look out for gyms that are close enough to give you the motivation you need. Don’t allow the distance from your home or office to be a hindrance, consider a gym closer to you.

 choosing a gym membership in Ghana
Proximity: Choosing a gym membership in Ghana
  1. Ask for a complimentary day pass or a walk-in service.

 It is always a good idea to make informed decisions based on personal experiences. Take advantage of the complimentary passes offered by some gyms and have a day’s workout experience with them. You can also pay for a walk-in service if the gym does not offer a complimentary day pass. Your one-time workout experience can help you make an informed decision on choosing the right gym for you.

  1. Hire a certified personal trainer.

 Certified trainers will help you get acquainted with the workout equipment you have little or no information about. Spend some good money to hire a professional who will teach you how to achieve what goals with which equipment. Depending on the gym you find, your trainer can help you draft a free workout routine just for you.

  1. Take some gym classes.

 A balance of personal workouts and group workouts is excellent. Working out in a gym class will help you experiment with as many exercise routines as possible and offer maximum results. Aside from enjoying interesting classes, you will have the opportunity to make and keep new friends and partners.

  1. Stay focused.

 Although gym enthusiasts enjoy other benefits aside keeping fit, prioritising your purpose for getting a gym membership will help you make a good choice. Don’t allow distractions to get in your way of informing your choices, remain focused and register with a gym that will help you achieve your fitness goals in the best way possible.

  1. Consider exploring as many equipments as possible.

 The variety of machines available at the gyms could be overwhelming, but don’t allow that to distract you. Explore the available machines, opt for help from one of the gym enthusiasts or any of the gym staff to help you use as many equipments as time will permit you to. Don’t listen to your body’s many excuses, just explore.


Fitness 1 Gym

Fitness 1 Gym is a state of the art gym facility located at One Airport Square in Accra and

has the capacity to serve your fitness needs. We offer gym essentials like free wifi and changing rooms and lockers. Our services include:

  • Body Toning
  • Muscle Building
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition and diet solution
  • Aerobic classes

Free Registration

The gym has a variety of great packages. Each of these packages includes free registration. New members can opt for walk-in, monthly, quarterly, six months or a full year. The packages include:  

         Walk-in (one-time)

         GHC 60.00


         GHC 550.00


        Quarterly ( every 4 months)

        GHC 1500.00


        Six Months (half year)

        GHC 2500.00


        Full Year (the total deal)

        GHC 4800.00


Open Hours: Our working hours have currently been modified due to COVID-19. We are currently open from 5 am-10 pm from Mondays to Sundays.

Tel: 0508118888

Locate us at One Airport Square

 choosing a gym membership in Ghana
Guide to choosing a gym membership in Ghana


Monday: Afropop Dance Class 06:00pm to 07:00pm

Tuesday: HIIT Circuit 06:15am to 07:15am, Body Combat 06:00pm to 07:00pm

Wednesday: Afropop Dance Class 06:00pm to 07:00pm

Thursday: Abs Attack 06:15am to 07:15am, Yoga 06:00pm to 07:00pm

Friday: Aerobox / Self Defense 06:15am to 07:15am, Beach Body & Booty 06:00pm to 07:00pm

Call Us Now To Book Your 1st Fitness Gym Visit: +233 50 811 8888


As your no.1 care and fitness partner, we organize special classes to help you cope in unique situations. Some of our special classes include:

  • Postpartum Weight Loss Session
  • Christmas Promo

            OUR FACILITY

Your efforts will yield much greater results when you use the best training equipment necessary. A membership with Fitness 1 Gym gives you access to our industry-leading facilities and programming, the best fitness professionals to support you in achieving your fitness and body goals. You will get the opportunity to explore our cardio, and weight training equipment including:

  • Treadmills, Elliptical, Arc Trainers, Lateral Trainers, Bikes, Stare Masters, and Rowing Machines -all with personal TVs.
  • Free weights – Squat Racks, Bench Press, Dumbbells, Pull-up Bars, Ab Benches Selected Machine Weights, Cable Weights.
  • Free space and Abs/Stretch area and studio.


At Fitness 1, we prioritize your convenience in all our activities. You can join our gym membership today by speaking to us on +233508118888. Our process is fast, convenient and easy. Send your enquiries to [email protected] or visit  to register now. Our location, One Airport Square in Accra was chosen with you in mind. If you are in Accra, we are the closest, well-resourced and client-friendly gym you can find

                          Connect with us on Facebook/ Instagram


After finding a suitable gym and registering as a member, learn to avoid these habits so that you can maximize your time and that of others at the gym.

  1. Avoid walking close to a person who is exercising.

 Don’t interfere in people’s personal spaces in the gym, try your best to stick to your space. Someone could mistakenly hit you with a dumbbell when you walk too close to them. Walking too close could also get annoying as most people do not entertain skin contact when they are all sweaty.

  1. Avoid using your phone during workout sessions.

 The mobile phone could be a great distraction to your progress in the gym if you allow it to. Avoid the temptation of constantly checking and replying messages. If you need to take a few pictures, you can arrange with the staff at the gym to help you out, but by all means, resist the distraction your phone offers. 

  1. Resist the temptation of giving workout advice to other gym enthusiasts.

 Although you might mean more good than harm, the other gym enthusiast might take an offence or see it as an insult. Remember your role in the gym and stick to it. Allow the fitness trainers and coaches to do their work. Don’t assume a role you were never assigned to. 

  1. Don’t lift without weight collars.

 Weight collars are a gym staple that can keep you safe when lifting with barbells. The weights attached to the sides of a barbell can fall off if you are not careful about it. 

The whole barbell will dangerously move up and down like a see-saw if one side, unfortunately, falls off. Use the weight collars at all times to avoid any terrible accidents in the gym.

  1. If you visit the gym solely to hit on men/women, you need to stop it.

 This habit is not attractive enough. You can make friends especially during group workout sessions, but if you habitually go to the gym to hit on others, soon many people will identify you with this attitude.  

  1. Do not handle gym equipment carelessly.

 If you constantly misuse and mishandle the workout machines in the gym, you will soon find out that most of them are damaged. This will hinder your workout progress and that of all other workout colleagues. You will also be putting the management of the gym under a lot of financial loss.

  1. Don’t walk barefooted in the shower.

 Remember this is still public space, as much as possible wear flipflops in the shower to avoid picking up germs and bacteria.

  1. Avoid undressing in the middle of a workout, use the changing rooms.

 Respect the other persons using the gym facility and don’t take off your shirt or gym wear when you are still working out. Use the changing rooms at all times when you want to take off gym wear.

  1. Don’t overstay your workout schedule.

 Arrive at the gym on time, do all you have to do and leave on time. When you make it a habit to stay at the gym even after your workout session is over, other colleagues might regard you as not maximizing your time enough. You don’t want to create a wrong impression in the minds of these people, so try as much as possible not to overstay in the gym.

  1. Don’t eat during a workout.

 We can’t loud this enough. You just have to avoid eating as you workout. Courtesy frowns upon it and it is unhealthy. Don’t allow your eating habits to get you an ill-mannered tag at the gym.

 Finding a gym can be a lot easier when you follow these tips. As a registered member of a gym, obey the rules set in the gym and religiously stay committed to a healthy diet and your workout schedule. Avoid comparing yourself to other gym-goers.

When you sign up with gyms that have all the needed gym equipment you need, do not allow it to overwhelm you, but rather enjoy and explore as many machines in the gym as possible.

Call Us Now To Book Your 1st Fitness Gym Visit: +233 50 811 8888


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