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After what seemed like an unending year of ups and downs, we are all looking forward to the most fantastic time of the year- Christmas break. It is a season of joy, many activities, traveling, and possible safety threats.

We have you at heart, and so here are tips on how you and your loved ones can stay safe this festive season. You are well aware that we are not in normal times, so every kind of protection against coronavirus should be adhered to.

Here are a few tips to help you keep safe during the holidays.


1. Be safe at home

Open all your windows and make sure all the rooms are well ventilated. If it is not possible to open your windows throughout the day, it is best to do “short-term airing” by having your windows opened for 10-15 minutes hourly.

Keep your Christmas decoration simple and far from fires or heating sources. Do not leave burning candles or your Christmas tree lights on when leaving home or going to bed. Make sure your home is well cleaned and ventilated when you have people visiting. Have enough sanitizers, tissues, and water around.

Always have your kitchen cleaned and sparkling. Do not leave food on the burner or in the oven unattended. Wash your hands thoroughly before you grab anything to eat or start cooking.

Clean all the surfaces (like tables, counters, chairs, etc.) and regularly contact objects (doorknobs, rails, window sills). Do this more when you receive visitors. You will never know what they have touched or come into contact with before coming to your home.

If there is a large number of people trooping into your home, ensure that they have their nose masks or face shields on all the time and provide enough water for washing hands or hand sanitizers.


2. Keep fit

Christmas is a season for a lot of rest and fun, and most people kick workout into the basement not to be seen for the rest of the year. Try as much as possible not to be like such persons.

Don’t slack because your gym is on a break, do your mini-workouts so you can easily zoom in to full force workouts when your gym resumes. Do that stretch and pump those arms, even if it’s for just 2 minutes.

You don’t want to start this festive season with a sleek body and end with a slacked body.


3. Drop the video and board games

Games like video and board games involving many shared objects should be limited or avoided entirely. In this season, when people will be getting together and even sleeping, it is best to avoid sharing things.

If games involving shared objects are the only way out of having a fun time, let there be good hand sanitation and avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth during such activities.


4. Eat well; drink more

There sure will be lots of food and drinks at home or get-togethers this festive season, and it’s okay to have one or two cheat days. As you eat and make merry, give thought to what you eat; make sure it is hygienic and easy on the calories. Sanitize your hands before grabbing any meal or snack, whether at home or outside.

Drink more water and healthy drinks and go easy on the booze. Water is an essential part of our being, and you cannot go without it. Make sure you have your water on you or drink from a hygienic source.


5. Elbow bumps are better than hugs

Instead of quickly getting into the outstretched arms of people, which poses a threat of getting infected with coronavirus, why don’t you suggest elbow bumps? Everyone knows we are trying times, and certain normal things like hugging, kissing, and even handshaking have become quite harmful.

Telling people nicely that you cannot hug, kiss, or shake their hands shouldn’t be a feat. This is how Dr. Van Tulleken suggests you can go about it nicely,

“just so you all know, I won’t be hugging you because I love you, and I don’t want to give you coronavirus, and I might have it and not have symptoms.”


6. Raincheck physical gatherings

If you have to meet people this season, consider meeting them outdoors or online. Choose a very spacious location where you won’t have to be so close to one another. Ensure that social distancing is adhered to.

It is always lovely to meet loved ones this season, share memories and create new ones. In doing this, do not forget to avoid handshakes, hugs, and any close contact. Keep your masks on, too, and have a sanitizer close to you always.



7. Travel less and safely

Traveling to family and friends is very common in a festive season such as Christmas, but as we are not in normal times, you might want to postpone all travel plans indefinitely or travel short distances. If you have to travel, by all means, make sure that you have your masks on, you are safely distanced from passengers, and often use your hand sanitizer.


8. Reduce the time spent with people

The long, rough year is finally coming to its much-anticipated end, and, normally, you will want to gather together with loved ones. Also, considering that many events are taking place (mostly weddings), people will gather together for as long as they want.

But it is advisable to limit the extent of interactions, particularly if you will be around many people indoors. If you are the organizer of the gathering, ensure that COVID-19 safety protocols are put in place. And if you are a guest, put your mask on always and sanitize your hands always. Limit your physical touch with people at the event.

Keep a close eye on your children if you have them around. Let your children meet up with people outside where they can walk around and play; that is the safest. Limit overnight visits and sleepovers and instead of sharing rooms with people from other places, share a room with your children. This will help reduce cross-transmission dangers and keep you all safe.

So, there you go! Our tips for keeping you safe during this Christmas holiday. Fitness 1 Gym has a beautiful Christmas package for our wonderful fitness comrades-email us to sign up for any of our fitness packages. This amazing offer ends on 31st December 2020. Remember that the gym will break on 25th and 2nd December and on 1st and 2nd January 202. We wish you a safe Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.



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