Top 5 Benefits of Ballet for Children

Top 5 Benefits of Ballet for Children

When you think of your child taking ballet lessons, what comes to mind? Your child in a colorful tutu, gracefully gliding across the floor, smiling wide and waving at you from across the room?

That is undoubtedly a sight we all want to see. Our kids are happy, doing something they enjoy while giving us some free time to ourselves. It sounds like a win-win situation.


Ballet is a lot more intriguing than you may have realized. The classical dance form has more to offer you than a few routines and an excited child. Whether they decide to pursue a career in dancing or move on to follow other interests, their history in ballet will serve as a firm foundation and will propel them to succeed in their chosen field.

As long as they express interest in the art form, please do not take that gift away from them.

This list of the top 5 benefits of ballet for children incorporates many of the advantages you and your child stand to gain from enrolling them in a ballet class.

The Benefits of Ballet

1. Discipline

Top 5 Benefits of Ballet for Children


How great would it be if you could get your overzealous and highly energetic children to put their overflowing reservoir of energy to good use? Kids as young as four can take up ballet. They will take pre-ballet classes between ages 4-7 to learn how to appreciate the music and express themselves with fewer restrictions. From age 8, learning gets more technical and advanced as classes dive into the intricacies of classical dance.

  • In ballet, the whole body is coordinated to achieve fluid movements. Working all the parts of the body is a great way to introduce your children to exercise and the world of fitness. An hour of ballet lessons is excellent cardio and should be enough for your child to do a full-body workout while learning and having fun.
  • Posture is very critical in ballet; most features of the dance hang on correct posture. Children who take lessons in this classical dance style will have excellent posture and form. This posture will go on to serve them for the length of their lives. They will be less likely to struggle with the consequences of bad posture (such as back pain and joint aches) in their old age.
  • Dance students get to understand first-hand the inevitable truth in the adage “Practice makes perfect.” Learning ballet teaches your child resilience and determination to keep practicing till they get it right. When they make mistakes, they will identify the cause of their error and find a way to fix it, so it does not reoccur. There is no doubt that they will apply this principle to their daily lives.

These factors come together to produce fit and disciplined children who will uphold their values and principles even while having fun.


2. Confidence

Top 5 Benefits of Ballet for Children


A child dancing and performing in a group of people does wonder for her self-esteem. Children who dance ballet learn early in their lives how to handle themselves in highly social and pressuring environments without cowering or trading their identities.

Ballet helps children overcome shyness. It encourages them to embrace themselves and their art form and find the best way to express themselves with it. Excelling at ballet gives children an extra boost of confidence as it is a rare art form that many cannot attempt or succeed at doing. Exceptional dancers will also get the added advantage of exposure and popularity.


3. Creative thinking

Creating, following, and combining different moves, turns and routines help to stimulate your child’s creative side. Such classes provide a nurturing environment for your child’s creativity to blossom.

Ballet helps children connect to their artistic side and find creative ways to solve problems. Children who dance are more likely to think out of the box and produce art in every other aspect of their lives.

This effect will roll over into their academics and give them bright and unique ideas on learning and applying what they learned. This creativity will help them excel in and out of school.


4. Identity and self-discovery

Top 5 Benefits of Ballet for Children


While ballet lessons can sometimes get rigorous and competitive, children must be exposed to such healthy competition. It helps them identify and accept their abilities and inabilities. Doing this so early in their lives will give them a much-needed boost in their journey towards self-discovery and self-actualization.

Children who dance can understand their bodies better, navigate their strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, accept themselves and their individualities better. This sense of identity equips them as they grow older and face the pressures of adolescence and puberty. They are less likely to succumb to society’s idea of a perfect body since they have already accepted theirs.

Your child will also meet and befriend like-minded children with similar interests; such friendships can grow into lifelong companionships that are mutually beneficial.


5. Wholistic development

Ballet is a combination of many things. Behind the twists, turns, and plies, dancers have to master the art of stage management, teamwork, and excellence. These essential life skills will set your child apart in and out of their Pointe shoes. They will grow into well-rounded and respectable contributors in their society.

Ballet is also a remarkable way to sneak in some life lessons and enrich your child’s vocabulary. If you are lucky, you could teach a math equation or two in between Chaînés.

Your child will also master invaluable skills such as critical thinking, attention to detail, intense focus, and sharp reflexes.

In addition to the excellent coordination and balance that ballet offers your child, it also gives them something fun to look forward to every week.

Your child is not the only one who stands to gain from attending these classes. You also get to connect with other open-minded parents and form relevant relationships. You get to watch your child grow into an expressive and confident individual who has much to offer the world.




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