As habitual beings, we often find it challenging to introduce new changes to our everyday habits, no matter the merits we might derive from them. The situation is no different when it comes to exercising to keep fit. Individuals find it more convenient to stick to the very first exercise they were introduced to, and it becomes difficult to convince them to try new routines. But guess what? It is essential to switch up your workout regimen to avoid boredom.

Trying out new exercises that you have not done before stimulates new/dormant muscles and certain parts of your body that have been dormant. It also awakens your brain cells to new activities rather than what it already knows. By inculcating new exercise and modifying some traditional exercises generally improves your workout. According to Dr. Arnold Lee, “there numerous benefits of mixing up your workout routines.” There is no limit on the number of exercise variations you can try. Traditional exercises can be modified and can also be done in different varieties, which will improve your overall fitness level.

Here are nine important reasons why you need to vary your workout routine.

  1. Prevent Workout Boredom

Working out to stay fit and healthy should be a fun and exciting experience, but when you stick to one regimen for a very long time, your sessions in the gym only become a boring ritual. This should not be the case, vary your exercises, try new workouts often. Don’t set yourself up for a static and uninteresting workout activity. For example, you can join the dance class at your gym or even the group cycling class. If you make a conscious effort to include new exercises in your workout routine, you will give your mind something new to look forward to, and that will increase excitement and help beat boredom at the gym.

  1. Build New Muscles

Unlike professional athletes who focus on building and growing specific muscles of the body, if you exercise for the sole purpose of recreation, you should try out various workouts to build the various muscles of your body. When you try a variety of exercises, the chances are that you will often be doing a full-body exercise, and this will make you enjoy most of the benefits of exercising, including feeling refreshed, looking younger and staying healthy.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Brain

Exercising involves engaging the brain in ways that help keep the brain active, healthy, and sharp. Imagine learning to do new exercises once a while, that will mean engaging your brain often. However, individuals who choose to stick with routines and always avoid learning the details of new exercises will miss out on this benefit. Although the best brain exercises may vary from person to person, aerobic activities such as swimming, cycling, and running often result in cognitive improvements.



  1. Increase Excitement Towards Workout Sessions

Have fun while exercising. Spice up your workout activity with exciting and challenging activities to keep you thrilled. If you go by your everyday routine, you might lose your initial zeal to visit the gym consistently. So next time you start to choose sleep over hitting the gym, you might want to reconsider and vary your workout routine a bit. We sign up for gym sessions because of different reasons, although the probability of living situations to chance and just to allow yourself to lose interest is high, you should take personal responsibility and continuously motivate yourself to exercise by trying out new physically challenging workouts.


  1. Delay Reaching A Weight Loss Stall

As you lose weight through your usual workout routine, your metabolic rate slows down, and this makes it difficult for you to enjoy a continual weight loss. However, you can avoid this if you physically challenge yourself with new exercises. Join friends to climb a hill or even a mountain, be part of the neighbors in the community who go swimming on holidays. Your body will have to face and overcome these new challenges, and this will help burn some extra calories. According to research by Healthline, “if you’re already exercising, working out an extra 1-2 days per week or increasing the intensity of your workouts may help boost your metabolic rate.” Healthline also suggests that “other types of physical activity have also been shown to protect against a metabolic slowdown, including aerobic exercise and high-intensity interval training(HIIT).”

If you’re exercising to lose weight, avoid engaging in auto-pilot routines, introduce challenging workouts to help achieve your weight loss goals faster.

  1. Improves Adherence

An exerciser who engages in a variety of workouts is more likely to stay committed to exercising than one who participates in autopilot activities. Your body’s attachment to an activity will be because its exciting, fun, and beneficial. Who wants to be committed to boring routines? Starting a physical exercise routine could lead to more exercise, whereas inactivity could have the opposite effect

  1. Helps develop a well-rounded body

The muscle groups in the body grow/expand when they are forced to work more than usual. Continually working on certain muscle groups means that those muscle groups will grow more than other muscle groups that usually are not being worked on.

You do not want to realize after some time that certain muscle groups have not been developed, and your physical appearance is not what you signed up for. Building muscles and losing weight is a gradual process, and so you have to make sure you keep all muscle groups active, working, and developing together.

Doing a variety of exercises during workouts helps to develop the body entirely. Combining different exercises or modifying traditional exercises or even doing a variation of a type of exercise activates all muscle groups that the exercise is meant to trigger. Not having a variety of exercises in your workouts causes neglect of certain vital muscles. Achieving your goals and building a well-rounded body and nice physic in general boosts self-confidence. It brings happiness, as well.



  1. Find New Friends at the Gym

Following every day routines are almost monotonous, you know what to expect as you exercise, you already which of your workout buddies will be absent for each session. Even accurately predict what your trainer will say at each time of the session. What if you try a new workout and meet new workout partners as you do so? You’ll also interact with a new trainer and pick up a few lessons from them. Join a class you haven’t engaged in yet. Fitness 1 Gym organizes special dance lessons every Friday evening. Joining this class could be an opportunity to make a new friend. And guess what? Making a friend as your exercise will mean finding a partner who is also focused on staying healthy and fit. It can’t better than this!

  1. Help heal muscle injuries

The more repetitive your workout activity is, the more your body gets familiar with it, and the less bodyweight you lose. If you want to lose weight through regular physical exercises, switching up your workout regimen will be very beneficial. Don’t entertain mediocrity. Give yourself the challenge it deserves, tries more challenging exercises. Don’t become too comfortable after losing a few body fats. Balance this with drinking enough water, having enough rest, and eating a healthy diet and see yourself lose good body weight.

Remember, the idea is to include a variety of exercises in your routine.

Here is how you can include a variety of workouts in your routine:

  1. Different Programs

If you enjoy chest exercises, there is still a need to consider jogging, sprinting, and joining a group activity to climb or jog up a hill.

  1. Different Exercises

Try biking, running, swimming, elliptical training, and power-walking if you want to vary your aerobic exercises.

  1. Various Activities

Dare to engage in new activities totally outside your comfort zone. That’s what exercising is for, to challenge you. So feel free to try out new physical activities like mountain climbing, roller-blading, jump roping, and even rowing.

  1. Vary the quantity of repetitions

Your body will have various effects differently depending on the number of repetitions of a particular exercise you do. Have weekly adjustments of the repetitions you do. Instead of doing 10 -20 repetitions weekly, you can rotate 10 repeats each week or two with 15 workout repetitions. Be sure to challenge your muscles as you turn the repetitions.

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